Big Girls Rise NFT

We seek to create a platform to educate, support & empower young women through NFTs.
Young women in deprived communities around the world go through series of challenges such as child labour, early marriage, lack of support, and are being left behind in the field of education & innovation. Therefore as growing women; we realised the need to create a support & educational system through NFT to provide opportunities for these girls and onboard them into Web3.
Total Supply: 200 | Blockchain: Ethereum

Our (1/1) Collections

The arts in this collection are hand drawn and animated collectibles. Their unique features and stories categorises them into 4 editions namely: GOLD, STARS, CAREER & PURE.


This category in our collection represents how women are precious and have a heart of gold towards the people in their community.


Angels are hard to come by. This edition represents women who keep contributing to building their community.


This edition acknowledges how women contribute to the global economy with their talents and qualifications.


This edition reveals the inner beauty of women.

General Impact


The Fund will be responsible for donation to girls help organisations and directly to young girls in need. Scholarship and Grant will be awarded to needy but brilliant students devoid of their nationality. 20% of the primary mint sales will be allocated to set up the fund. Our charity organisation: Big Girls Rise Foundation has been registered to execute this vision.


A Weekly Educative Podcast To Entertain & Educate Young Girls On Subjects Dedicated To Thier Development. The Program Will Also Advocate To Parents And The Society In General, To Uphold Girl Child's Right And Take Measures To Aid Their Development


An Event Organised Periodically For Parents And Their Girls To Have Fun & Learn New Things. Collectors Of Our NFTs Will Have Free Entry To This Event. It's Gonna Be Fun.


Random Early Collectors Will Be Selected Through A Giveaway Procedure And Will Be Allocated 5% Of The Primary Mint Sales For Shopping. Just To Show Them Love.


A virtual world designed to give the Big Girls Rise community a metaverse experience. It will consist of a Podcast Centre, Event Hall, Merch Shop & Virtual Gallery.


This is a strategic programme to give assistance to artists and projects in the Big Girls Rise community. It will focus on Mentorship, Partnership & a Discovery Platform to project the creators in the community.

Benefits For Collectors


1st Phase 1/1 Collection

  1. Creation

    Big Girls Rise Team Curates 200 1/1 Collection. Each Art Piece In The Collection Is Hand Drawn, Animated And Categorised Into 4 Editions. Each Edition Comes With Unique Features & Traits Which Makes Them Rare In A Magnificient Way

  2. Unveil

    Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

  3. Website Launch

  4. Auction Day

    Auction date is March 8th, 2023.

  5. Girls Help Fund

  6. Shopping Giveaway

  7. Beautiful & Active

    • Daddy Daughter Day
      Mummy Daughter Day

    • Integration into the Metaverse

2nd Phase - Flagship 5k Collection

  1. Big Girls Avatar

    Unveil of the 5000 Big Girls Rise Avatar. These avatars will be the Metaverse pass & will give creators the access to our Creator Support Programme.

  2. 1st phase collectors Free Mint limited number of the Avatars.

  3. Big Girls Merch

  4. Creator Support Programme
    (Mentorship & Partnership)

  5. Discovery platform.


girls club image

Big Girls Club

Members will have easy access to the Girls Help Fund & enjoy the benefits of been an Ambassador of BIG GIRLS RISE NFT.

Founding Of Big Girls Rise

This amazing project was put together by a team of professionals with the heart of making impact in the lives of young girls across the world.

  • woman


    Co Founder

    My name is Ama, I am 23 years of age. I love reading, singing & art.
    I found myself facing different challenges as a young girl which I felt the need of wanting to change that for future girls and to create a better tomorrow for them. As somebody who is extremely creative and who loves different kinds of art, I immediately brought a team of professionals together to create Big Girls Rise NFT to work towards making an Impact.

  • woman


    Co Founder & CCO

    My name is Abigail and I am passionate about personal growth and philanthropy
    I believe in Big Girls Rise NFT and that through supporting young ladies we will create transformational experiences that leave the world a better place. Remember to always put your best foot forward.

  • woman


    Project Manager

    I have experience in the cryptocurrency space since 2015. I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast and educator with a strong background in business and finance. I am also the Director Of Operations for Tezos Africa. I am the founder of "Crypthority" which is a hub of an immersive cryptocurrency and blockchain education and training which will make one a better investor, trader and entrepreneur in this space. I have a YouTube channel with video resources on cryptocurrency education and an active cryptocurrency community.

  • Faithful

    Creative Director

    I have great passion for art. I’m an experienced illustrator, painter and animator. Leading a team of artists on the Big Girls Rise project has been a dream come through because I can touch life with my artwork.

  • woman


    Community Manager

    My name is Khadijah and I firmly believe that with Unity for Any Positive Community we can create a better,brighter & diverse communicative Society Globally. Cause Support Matters for the women of the world. As a Woman and a Mother of 3 girls I wholeheartedly support Educational growth for the Young women of Our Future. I respect and Believe that with Big Girls Rise NFT Project, We can help Change how Women and little Girls see the world of today, by supporting them throughout their educational Journey we will create a better life ahead for the Our young Girls/women of Tomorrow.

  • woman


    General Director

    I am a management professional, a crypto investor and an NFT enthusiast with the heart to see women climb up so high, I believe girls have so much to offer the world hence needs to be supported. Therefore this NFT brand devising strategies to support young girls triggered me to contribute to the success of this project.

  • woman

    Paperless Softwares


    We provide Software Development and Consultancy for Businesses of all sizes. Our Domains include Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Partners

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